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Hilltop CSL Education Ministry

Spiritual Study is one of the five pillars of a balanced Spiritual Practice. It is way of living that helps you “stay in the conversation” with a community of like-minded people, understand our great teaching more fully and experience a lasting shift in your perspective. Through a combination of certificated and enrichment classes that are facilitated by talented ministers and practitioners, we provide an array of rich opportunities to change your thinking and change your life!


Here you will find both Certificated Classes (those which are certificated through the "Home Office” and courses you can use to fulfill your pre-Practitioner requirements) and Adult Enrichment (shorter classes and workshops that encourage you to transfer the skills taught in the course to your spiritual and every-day life). 


Whether it’s going deeper in your faith or changing your life, you’ll find exactly what you need to enrich your unique journey! Spiritual deepening through transformative education.


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