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About Us

Welcome to Hilltop Spiritual Center!


We are the Center for Spiritual Living, Fallbrook known as Hilltop Spiritual Center.  A dynamic spiritual community dedicated to teaching and practicing a powerful spirituality that inspires us to live our dreams. We are a center where people are nourished, lifted, and filled with compassion, creativity and joy. We are a community that is evolving, changing and transforming from day to day, week to week, year to year.  This happens naturally as we seek greater expression of the Divinity within each of us, a divinity which calls us to surrender more, love more, live more, give more and be more, receive more!


Our community is affiliated with United Centers for Spiritual Living.  The organization previously known as United Church of Religious Science began catching a vision about ten years that was articulated as the Global Heart Vision.  As the outrageous possibility of a world that works for everyone began to unfold through the hearts and minds of individuals throughout UCRS, it became clear that UCRS was a name that no longer fit the expanding vibration of the community it served.  We welcome you into the Global Heart Vision at our beautiful Hilltop Spiritual Center in Fallbrook and into the promise that we are committed to a philosophy, a faith and a way of living that envisions a world that works for you.


We know that finding a spiritual community is a deeply personal experience; please call me at the Hilltop Center if you have any questions.  We bless you on your spiritual journey, no matter where it leads you. 

We are honored that your journey has led you here with us today and welcome you to Hilltop Spiritual Center.


Grace and Peace,

Reverend Doctor Guy Williams

Spiritual Director

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