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Meet our Minister & Practitioners

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Reverend Doctor Guy Williams, Senior Minister


Reverend Doctor Guy Williams discovered Religious Science in the 1990’s at Reverend Doctor Kathy Hearn’s Pacific Church of Religious Science. He became a licensed practitioner in 1997 and in 2001 co-founded the Mid-town Church of Religious Science with Reverend Kevin Bucy.
After entering ministerial school in 2003, he graduated in the fall of 2005 (having accepted an interim position as Spiritual Leader at the Fallbrook Church of Religious Science in January of 2005) and was ordained in 2008.
His vision is a world that works for everyone and personal goals include his commitment to the development of Hilltop Spiritual Center as a spiritual and cultural epicenter of North County. Of special interest to him are traveling, hiking, and creating a world that is more just, sustainable and equitable for all.
Rev. Dr. Guy lives a full life in Temecula with his
partner, Andrea, their cat Sandals, beloved golden retriever, Nikolai, and Rollo (their great pyrenees & german shepherd mix).


Paul Calabro

Jennifer Diallo

Craig Lozzi

Terry Cornelius

Laura DiDonato

Andrea Matros

Sharie Davis

Liz Jamieson-Dunne

Kurt Saxon

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Reb Zwart

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