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What is Science of Mind

Science of Mind is a compilation of the great thoughts of the ages, the deep mystical yearnings of minds in search for God, and the modern approach to a faith, which can be demonstrated. In its practice and teachings, Science of Mind endeavors to include the whole life. It is a way of life focused on joy, freedom from fear, and justified by results. Science of Mind offers the world what it has have been waiting for – a faith whereby fear and superstition have been removed and universal spiritual principles are presented in plain, simple, and direct ways so that we may each learn to live now, in the present, with the knowledge and trust that the Universe is for us and not against us.


Science of Mind was founded by Dr Ernest Holmes and is part of the “New Thought” spiritual tradition, a positive, practical spirituality. Science of Mind is drawn from the revelations of both western and eastern religion, the opinions of philosophy, the laws of science, and the practices of psychology as applied to human needs and the aspirations of humanity.

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