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Sunday Reading

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Rev. Dr. Guy Williams, Senior Minister


Paul Calabro, RScP

Terry Cornelius, RScP

Jennifer Diallo, RScP

Sharie Davis, RScP

Rev. Laura DiDonato, RScP

Liz Jamieson-Dunne, RScP
Craig Lozzi, RScP

Andrea Matros, RScP

Kurt Saxon, RScP



Music Ministry

Lee Coulter, Music Director


Spirit of Sunday Volunteers

Sound Team

Hospitality Team

Greeter Team

Bookstore Team

Parent Volunteers

Rev. Dr. Guy Williams
Spiritual Director

A Gift for Thanksgiving: The Untold Tale of 9/11

Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) is available on Sundays after services, or any time, from our licensed Spiritual Coaches (called Practitioners). Practitioners are available to answer questions, provide spiritual coaching by appointment, and prayer when you need it. You can contact any one of them directly. They are listed in our Practitioner Directory.